452-Study-Guide-1 - Introduction to Systems Analysis &...

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System = set of related components that produces specific results o Mission critical system = vital to a company’s operations (order processing) data = consists of basic facts that are the system’s raw material information = data that has been transformed into output that is valuable to users 5 components: o Hardware = everything in physical layer of system o Software = programs that control the hardware and produce the desired information or results Systems software = manages the hardware components Application software = support day to day business functions and provide users with the information they require Enterprise applications = order processing, payroll, spreadsheets Horizontal = can be adapted for use in many different types of companies Vertical system = designed to meet unique requirements of a specific business or industry Legacy systems = older systems o Data = raw material that IS transforms into useful information o Processes = tasks and business functions that users, managers and IT staff perform to achieve specific results, building blocks of IS o People = stakeholders have an interest in IS,
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452-Study-Guide-1 - Introduction to Systems Analysis &...

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