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452-Study-Guide-3 - Development Strategies Chapter 7...

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Development Strategies, Chapter 7 Explain the concept of Software as a Service Software as a service = model of software deployment where an application is hosted as a service provided to customers over the internet Traditional systems development: design influenced by compatibility issues, run on local and wide area networks, web based features are enhancements, developed in house or purchased in software package, limited scalability, less complex security issues Web based development: delivered on internet based framework, web as the platform, easily scalable, enterprise wide software solutions, less dependent on resources, limit in house involvement, requires middleware o Middleware=additional layer web based software needs to communicate with existing software and legacy systems Define Web 2.0 and cloud computing Web 2.0 = 2 nd generation of the web that will enable people to collaborate, interact, and share information more dynamically o Based on continuously available user applications rather than static HTML web pages Cloud computing = refers to the cloud symbol that indicates a network, or the Internet o Ultimate form of SaaS, delivering services and data to users who would need only an internet connections and browser Explain the various software outsourcing options, including offshore outsourcing and the role of service providers Outsourcing = transfer of information systems development, operation, or maintenance to an outside firm that provides these services, for a fee, on a temporary or long term basis Service provider = firm that offers outsourcing solutions Application service providers = firm that delivers a software application, or access to an application, by charging a usage or subscription fee, rent the operational package to the customer Internet business services (managed hosting)= web based support for transaction such as order processing, billing and customer relationship management offers online data center support and universal access Fixed fee model = set fee based on a specified level of service and user support (oracle’s on demand) Subscription model = variable fee based on the # of users that have access Usage/transaction model = variable fee based on the volume of transactions performed Offshore/global outsourcing = practice of shifting IT development, support and operations to other countries
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o Lower bottom line costs Explain advantages and disadvantages of in-house software development Make or buy = choice between developing versus purchasing software In house software = company’s IT department makes, builds, and develops their own software Software package = obtained from a vendor or application service provider Value added reseller = firm that enhances a commercial package by adding customer features and configuring it for a particular industry Horizontal application = software package that can be used by many different types of organizations (accounting package)
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