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Test 2 Notes - SDLC 1) investigation 2) analysis 3) design...

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SDLC – 1) investigation 2) analysis 3) design 4) implementation 5) ongoing support Systems Analysis Phase Overview 1. Identifying Requirements – what system must do and include/exclude – features, functionality issues, quantifying some type of benchmark (web pages load in 1 minute), nothing we can limit out o Inputs – employees swipe ID cards to record labor costs, department head logs overtime hours o Processes – student records system calculates GPA at end of year, payroll system updates bonuses and produces tax data o Outputs – web site report with volume statistics, inventory system daily report o Objective – understand proposed project, ensure it will support business requirements, build a solid foundation for development Why does system do? model/representation – registration, accounting, checkout process 2. Identify data & processes – manual steps & information collected, flow of process, what happens -Logical – what needs to occur, doesn’t always explain how 3. Object model – establish different systems to be put in place – break things up for design -Physical – how and specific form processes, determine technology Example: If replacing current registration system: someone needs to model what currently transpires Functional decomposition diagram – top-down view of how work is organized, limited utility b.c it only says who does what, good if you have a system that does everything, assumes system is closed Data flow Diagram – o Processes = Extremely broad specific steps, actual work procedures, algorithms “black box” – something occurs o Data flows = any movement among processes, storage, or external entities
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Test 2 Notes - SDLC 1) investigation 2) analysis 3) design...

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