1and2 - What is a project? (5) = temporary endeavor...

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What is a project? (5) = temporary endeavor undertaken to create a unique product, service or result What responsibilities are fundamental to managing a project? Balancing the demands of a budget, schedule, quality and scope, accomplishing the objectives, updating plans, balancing stakeholders’ expectations (6) How to determine body of work is a project? Temporary in nature, aims to produce unique product, involves progressive elaboration, has definite beginning and end (not necessarily short lived) (5) o Scope creep – happens when there are unwanted and uncontrolled changes to a project o Changes that trigger progressive elaboration – legislation, org. structure, technology or context in which project occurs Operational work – ongoing, repetitive, objectives may change frequently Project work – temporary, unique, and finished when specific objectives are met Responsibilities of manager: o Accomplish objectives o Balance stakeholder expectations o Update project plans o Balance competing demands Project management performance competency – have proj management qualifications, have purchased similar products from suppliers in the past, resume, how you put what you know into practice, have experience mitigating risk (13) Personal competency – able to focus on details and big picture, creative and willing to try new ways to solve problems, motives, attitude, values, concept of yourself Project management knowledge competency – create responsibility matrix for phases, aware of output requirements, knowing techniques, processes and standards, understand diagram, conduct risk analysis o 9 knowledge areas: project integration, scope, time, cost, quality, human resources, communications, risk, and procurement Sub projects – complete feasibility study, software testing, some organizations have a set model for how to structure projects and sub projects, divide according to what is best for managing the project Programs – group related projects to be managed centrally, provide greater control over
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1and2 - What is a project? (5) = temporary endeavor...

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