3 - PMBOK Guide 42 project management processes: each...

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PMBOK Guide – 42 project management processes: each relates to activities you perform during PM 5 project management process groups: o Initiating – define and authorize o Planning – develop blueprint o Executing o o Closing – Close Project Phase and Close Procurements process Often outputs of one process are inputs for others Knowledge areas: o Integration Management – umbrella, unifies the work done and links it with other processes (develop charter, project management plan, manage execution, control project work, close phase) o Scope Management – define requirements and maintain control of what project is trying to achieve o Time Management – creating/managing schedule o Cost – manage budget and cost baseline o Quality – setting quality standards and making sure deliverables meet them o HR Management – selecting team, managing interactions and developing skills o Communication – identifying stakeholders, planning communication with them, present reports o Risk Management o Procurement – identify all products that you need, select sellers, meet contractual agreements Project management processes = “smaller steps” for managing a project, use to achieve a required result that contributes to meeting project milestones and objectives Process = set of interrelated actions and activities performed to achieve a pre-specified product, result or service Create Work Breakdown Structure: inputs (scope statement, requirements document,
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3 - PMBOK Guide 42 project management processes: each...

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