4 - Business Needs =trigger projects, come from requests,...

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Business Needs = trigger projects, come from requests, changes in market demand, organizational needs, social needs, legal requirements, technological advances, or training requirements Internal customer – uses result of project, in the company External customer – buyer who has contracted your company Consumer – no contractual relationship Project charter = formally acknowledges project start, provide high-level overview of how project meets specified business need, outlines scope, budget and schedule, defines key stakeholder expectations, identifies key roles in project team 1. Business case (assess for value and feasibility)– explains why project is necessary, assesses initial risks, evaluates project timing, considers legal requirements, evaluation factors, justifies value of a project 2. SOW (once business case is approved) – high level description of characteristics, contractual document between sponsor and project team, based on business need, product scope description, strategic plan 3. Inputs: a. Business case – justification for investing in a project, value and feasibility b. SOW – high level characteristics the product must deliver, relationship between business need and result, considers strategic plan c. Contract – identifies terms, fixes degree of risk d. Enterprise environmental factors – conditions that impact success: marketplace
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4 - Business Needs =trigger projects, come from requests,...

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