STUDY GUIDE – MGT 415 – Fall 2011

STUDY GUIDE – MGT 415 –...

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STUDY GUIDE – MGT 415 – Fall 2011 (9-12 #117) Short Answer (6 on test) 1. Explain the difference between a company’s business model and a company’s strategy? a. Business – specific business unit (economy/luxury) b. Company – overarching 2. What is the connection between a company’s strategy and its quest for sustainable competitive advantage? a. Explain different approaches 3. Why does a company’s strategy evolve over time? 4. What is the difference between a mission statement and a strategic vision? 5. What is MBWA and why is it important? a. Management by walking around b. Undercover boss – listen to entry level concerns and address them as a way of building company morale 6. Identify four leadership actions and managerial practices that top executives can take to help instill a spirit of high achievement in a corporate culture. 7. Identify and briefly explain three factors that lead to strong bargaining power on the part of buyers. 8.
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This note was uploaded on 11/30/2011 for the course MGT 415 taught by Professor Thatcher during the Summer '08 term at Clemson.

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STUDY GUIDE – MGT 415 –...

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