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Unformatted text preview: Thomas Tryon (146-7) – English write of self improvement literature, worried about threat of excessive sweetness in food/drink Clarissa [novel] (151) – ritual of tea with the whole family, Clarissa not allowed to serve tea b.c she is in trouble Kaffir (183) – black people, hemp is sold to Indians and white traders by Kaffirs Enlightenment (121) – reason was the primary source of authority, growing consumption of commodities and new lifestyle where tea, coffee, chocolate, and tobacco played a critical cultural role Europeanization (124) – tobacco and chocolate were rapidly Europeanized through colonization and settlement soft drugs (122) – coffee, tea, chocolate, tobacco bourgeois culture (144) – respectable to take coffee or tea in a coffeehouse, key to respectability is behaviour coffeehouse (145) – venues for political discussion, mixed social clientele, nature of the beverage parlour (151) – where tea is taken at home with the family imperialism (178) – the creation of an unequal economic, cultural and territorial relationship between...
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