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People/Authors (page # in parentheses) Terms/places Concepts/questions Oliver North (195) – ran covert operation in the White House basement to carry out a renegade operation Goto Shimpei (197) – advocated legalization of opium in Taiwan as a prelude to gradual withdrawal Nitanos Otozo (198) – peasant from Osaka came win with petition to grow opium in Japan Hoshi Hajime (200) – pioneer of the Japanese morphine industry Ronin (203) – Japanese soldiers of fortune who distributed Manchukuo (204) – became occupied by Japanese and state of Manchukuo replaced 3 NE Chinese provinces cult (15) – practice of a minority, exists in opposition to established forms of consumption (symbolic meanings) materia medica (15) - mead (24) – expensive, elite drink, from honey kumish (24) – from milk soma (29) – hallucinogenic drink, made from steepe plants betelnut (30) – most
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Unformatted text preview: widespread and eldest psychoactive substance of SE Asia, chewed with lime and a leaf kava (16, 30, 31) - khat (238) – shrub that grows wild in Africa & W Asia “castles of spit” (238) – unrealistic plans devised during chewing sessions Khat Belt (240) – Yemen to Kenya were absorbed into British, French, and Italian empires mafrish (242) – name for khat in the UK ‘Rich Country, Strong Army’ (196) Role of Japan in opium supply to China and Taiwan Role of drugs in culture (15-17) Traditional uses of wine (17-20) Islamic condemnation of wine (20-24) Old world origins of alcohol (24-6) Before alcohol (26-8) Alcohol interactions with other drugs (28-32) Trans from chewing, imbibing, smoking to liquid preps (33) Khat and Somali diaspora (242-3) Khat and gender (243-5) Future status of khat (251)...
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