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AAH Unit 4

AAH Unit 4 - Author Commissioner Date Location Pg Baroque...

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Unformatted text preview: Author Commissioner Date Location Pg Baroque Art Italy Boy with a Basket of Fruit Caravaggio (Merisi) 16-1700 Italy 335"hyper-real" The Cardsharps Caravaggio 16-1700 Italy 335 Bacchus (god of drink) Caravaggio del Monte 16-1700 Italy 336Cardinal del Monte=art loving connoisseur The Cal ing of Saint Matthew Caravaggio Cardinal del Monte 17th century Contarel i Chapel 337Counter Reformation The Death of the Virgin Caravaggio Carmelite(monks) chapel 16-1700 Italy 337monks rejected, prostitute as Mary Judith and Holofernes Artemisia Gentileschi 17th century Italy 339 Cardinal Scipione Borghese Bernini Cardinal Borghese 1600s Italy 340 Rape of Proserpina Bernini Borghese 16-1700 Italy 340mythological, marble, soft like breathing woman Apol o and Daphne Bernini Borghese 16-1700 Italy 340 David Bernini Borghese 16-1700 Italy 340fighting goliath, in action The Ectasy of Saint Theresa Bernini Cornaro Family Chapel of Santa M 341stage where vision of St. Theresa is played out, transverberation Baldacchino Bernini over Saint Peters 34210 stories tal , marks where St Peter is buried, Cathedra Petri Bernini 16-1700 Italy 342pope is leader of Catholic church, ex cathedra (from the chair) Farnese Ceiling Fresco Annibale Carracci Cardinal Odoardo Farnese 16-1700 Italy 343tromp l'oeil (trick the eye) Triumph of Bacchus Annibale Carracci Cardinal Odoardo Farnese 16-1700 Italy 343centerpiece of ceiling The Flight into Egypt Annibale Carracci Farnese Family 17th century Italy 343 Aurora Guido Reni Casino Rospogliosi of Rome16-1700 Rome, Italy 345single unified scene, clean classical lines Annunciation Guido Reni 16-1700 Italy 345supernatural quality, Mary is being engulfed by heaven Glorification of the Barberini Pietro de Cortona Barberini Family 17th century Barberini Palace, 345Maf eo Barberini (pope Urban VI I) Spain Saint Andrew Ribera 17th century Spain 347 The Holy Family with Saint Anne and Saint Catherine Ribera 17th century Spain 347 The Martyrdom of Saint Bartholomew Ribera 17th century Spain 347 Saint Serapion Zurbaran 17th century Spain 347 Stil Life with Lemons and Oranges Zurbaran 17th century Spain 348 Water Carrier of Sevil e Velasquez 17th century Spain 348 Old Woman Cooking Eggs Velasquez 17th century Spain 348 Feast of Bacchus Velasquez 17th century Spain 349 Portrait of Young Philip IV...
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