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MIPS - 3 register operands addi $s1 $s2 20 s1 = s2 20 Used...

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MIPS InStruction set MIPS Instructions Name Format Pseudo MIPS Name Format add add R move move R add immediate addi I multiply mult R subtract sub R load immediate li I load word lw I branch less blt I load upper immed lui I branch less/equal ble I store word sw I branch greater bgt I and and R branch greater/equal bge I or or R nor nor R shift L logical sll R shift R logical srl R branch on equal beq I branch on not equal bne I set less than slt R jump j J jump register jr R jump and link jal J MIPS operands Name Example Comments 32 registers $s0-$s7, $t0-$t9, Fast locations for data. $at is $zero, $a0-$a3, reserved for the assembler to $v0-$v1, $gp, $fp, handle large constants. $sp, $ra, $at 2^30 memory words Memory[0], Mem[4], Accessed only by DT instructions. …Memory[4294967292] MIPS uses byte addresses, so sequential word addresses differ by 4. Memory holds data structs, arrays, and spilled registers.
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MIPS assembly language Category Example Meaning Comments arithmetic add $s1, $s2, $s3 s1 = s2 + s3 3 register operands sub $s1, $s2, $s3 s1 = s2 - s3
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Unformatted text preview: 3 register operands addi $s1, $s2, 20 s1 = s2 + 20 Used to add constants data transfer lw $s1, 20($s2) s1 = Mem[s2 + 20] Word from memory to register sw $s1, 20($s2) Mem[s2 + 20] = s1 Word from register to memory lui $s1, 20 s1 = 20 * 2^16 Loads const into upper 16 bits logical and $s1, $s2, $s3 s1 = s2 & s3 Bit-by-bit AND or $s1, $s2, $s3 s1 = s2 | s3 Bit-by-bit OR nor $s1, $s2, $s3 s1 ~= (s2 | s3) Bit-by-bit NOR sll $s1, $s2, 10 s1 = s2 << 10 Shift left by constant srl $s1, $s2, 10 s1 = s2 >> 10 Shift right by constant conditional beq $s1, $s2, 25 if = go PC+4+100 PC relative branch branch bne $s1, $s2, 25 if ~ go PC+4+100 PC relative branch slt $s1, $s2, $s3 s1 = 1 if true : 0 Compare less than for beq, bne unconditional j 25 go to 100 Jump to target jump jr $ra go to return addr Procedure return jal 25 ra=PC+4; go to 100 For procedure call...
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