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ReviewQuestionsForLectures9+10 - Review Questions for...

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Review Questions for Lecture 9 1. Discuss the role of leaf anatomy in light absorption by mesophyll cells. How does the shape of mesophyll cells or cytosolic distribution of chloroplasts affect light absorption? 2. Explain chloroplast movement and solar tracking mechanism for controlling light absorption. Briefly describe the movement mechanism of pulvinus. 3. Compare sun and shade leaves from an anatomical and biochemical perspective with respect to their photosynthetic attributes. Explain why sun plants have high contents of xanthophylls and why shade plants have higher PSII/PSI or Chl b /Chl a ratio. 4. Make a labeled graph that shows the effects of light on CO 2 fixation by sun and shade leaves. Label the key benchmark. Explain why the maximum photosynthetic rate and the light compensation point of shady plants are significantly lower than those of sunny plants. 5. Use zeaxanthin as an example to describe a non-photochemical process by which plant leaves dissipate excessive energy from sunlight.
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