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Review Questions for Lecture 11 1. Name the three different stages of the complete oxidation of glucose and know where these different stages take place? 2. Describe the pathways that sucrose enters the glycolytic pathway. How many molecules of ATP are needed to prepare sucrose for glycolysis? 3. What is substrate-level phosphorylation? How many ATPs are generated for 1 molecule of glucose to complete glycolysis? 4. Why do you need fermentation for continued operation of the glycolytic pathway in waterlogged plants? Name two fermentation pathways in plants. 5. What is the end product of a standard glycolytic pathway? How can it enter the tricarboxylic acid (TCA or Krebs) cycle? What is the acceptor molecule for the TCA cycle? 6. What is the alternative pathway for delivering the carbon from cytosolic glycolysis to the TCA cycle in the mitochondria? 7. The TCA cycle can be divided into three sections: formation of a tricarboxylic acid, oxidative decarboxylation, and OAA regeneration. How many molecules of ATP, NADH (or FADH
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