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Review Questions For Lecture 7 1. What is the main function of accessory/antenna pigments? What is the main advantage to have those antenna pigments in a photosystem? Explain why antenna chlorophyll a molecules often exhibit slightly different absorption maxima? 2. Explain absorption spectrum, action spectrum, and quantum yield. How can you use the action spectrum to identify pigments involved in a given physiological process? 3. Explain Red drop and Emerson enhancement phenomena. What is the main conclusion from these two discoveries? 4. Name the reaction center in PSI and PSII. What wavelengths of light are more effective in activating these two photosystems? 5. What are the four major protein complexes in the electron transport of photosynthesis? Where are these complexes localized? 6. Use P680 or P700 as an example; explain how the light energy (photon) is converted to chemical energy after the photo is absorbed by the reaction centers. 7. Write the overall electron flow from water to NADP
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