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Review Questions for Lecture 13 1. Compare constitutive plant defenses with induced plant defenses. 2. What is allelopathy? Provide an example to illustrate this interesting phenomenon. 3. Name the three classes of secondary metabolites. What are the main difference between primary metabolites and secondary metabolites? 4. It was previously thought that the physical damage by insect chewing plant leaves is the main signal that allows the damaged plants to mount a defense response against insect herbivory. However, recent studies showed that the plant insect-defense response can ʼ t be fully activated by the simple mechanical damage but requires the perception of insect-derived chemical elicitors. What is the chemical nature of such insect-derived chemical signals? 5. Explain how a local injury can activate the expression of jasmonate-responsive genes in distal regions of the same plant or even in neighboring plants? 6. Compare and contrast nonhost vs. host-specific resistance and basal vs. R-gene mediated plant defenses. What are the triggers for plant basal defense or R-gene- mediated plant resistance? 7. What is the "gene-for-gene" hypothesis? Describe 4 major anti-pathogen responses after a successful "gene-for-gene" interaction. 8.
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ReviewQuestionsLectures13-15 - Review Questions for Lecture...

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