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Review Questions for Lecture 19 1. Explain how auxin was discovered. Describe a simple biological assay for quantifying auxin. 2. What are the structural similarities of the compounds that have auxin activity? What is the principle auxin in higher plants? What is the relationship between auxin and the Agent Orange used widely during the Vietnam War? 3. Where is auxin synthesized in plants? How can plants regulate the cellular concentration of free auxin? What method can you use to locate the organ/tissue/cells that accumulate auxin (what reporter gene can you use to tell if the tissue accumulates auxin?) 4. Why did people think that auxin is made from tryptophan, an essential amino acid? What experiments led to the discovery of a tryptophan-independent pathway of auxin biosynthesis? 5. How can you demonstrate that auxin transport is unidirectional? Describe the chemiosmotic model for a polar auxin transport. Explain why the presence of an efflux auxin carrier and its localization at the basal end of a plant cell are essential for the polar transport of auxin.
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