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Review Questions for Lecture 21 1. What is most abundant natural cytokinin in plants? What are the criteria that are used to determine whether a given compound has a cytokinin activity? 2. What is the enzyme that catalyzes the first-step reaction in cytokinin biosynthesis in plants? What are the two substrates for the enzyme? 3. What is the enzyme that irreversibly inactivates an active cytokinin? What reaction does this enzyme catalyze? Explain why transgenic tobacco plants are dwarf? 4. What are the major sites of cytokinin biosynthesis? What is the recent discovery that provides further support for capability of many plant tissues to synthesize cytokinin? 5. How can auxin/cytokinin ratio affect morphogenesis of emerging seedlings in tissue culture? 6. A mutated Agrobacterial strain, when infecting a plant wound, led to the formation of a mass of proliferating roots instead of the usual crown gall tumors. What kind of gene was mutated in this strain? Why? 7.
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