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Lecture 4 1. The driving force to move water by bulk-flow in soil is thought to be pressure gradient. Explain how can such a pressure gradient established in soil? 2. Why is the region of active water uptake restricted to the growing tips of roots? 3. Describe the three pathways that water can use to be transported into the xylem in roots. 4. What is the Casparian strip (in which cellular layer of the root)? What is the physiological significance of such a unique structure? 5. Explain the role of aquaporin in the water conductivity of roots. Describe an experiment that supports its role in regulating the water-conducting activity of the root. 6. Explain the cohesion theory for water moving up a tall tree. 7. The xylem transport of water faces at least two major physical challenges. What are they and how do plants cope with these challenges? 8. Why can water evaporation from leaf mesophyll cells build up a strong negative
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Unformatted text preview: pressure in the xylem that can pull water to a treetop? Lecture 5 1. Explain why flooding often causes plants to wilt. 2. How can you calculate the water vapor concentration of the inner leaf air space? Explain why temperature can affect the water vapor concentration gradient between the leaf air space and the atmosphere. 3. Describe two major factors that determine the rate of water transpiration. Explain how K + and Cl-movement across the plasma membrane regulate the opening and closing of the stomata pore. 4. What are the three criteria to define an "essential element"? 5. Describe four common symptoms of mineral deficiency. 6. What is the most obvious deficiency symptom for Mg 2+ ? Why does such a symptom occur first on older leaves? 7. In addition to fertilizers, what else can be used to treat mineral deficiency? Why? 8. Describe the relationship between plant growth and the nutrient concentration....
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