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Review Questions for Lectures 1-3 Lecture 1 1. What is the main function of meristem? 2. Describe both apical and lateral meristems and their functions during plant growth. 3. Describe the three-tissue system of a typical vascular plant and the different cell types in each tissue. 4. Explain how the branch roots and shoots are formed. Lecture 2 1. Describe the model for a primary cell wall and the four major components of a typical primary cell wall. Which component can be easily dissolved in hot water or by a Ca 2+ -chelator? 2. Where are cellulose and matrix polysaccharides are synthesized? What controls the number of cellulose molecules of a cellulose microfibril in a given plant species? 3. What control the orientation of the cellulose microfibril? Suggest a simple experiment to test your conclusion. 4. What are the major difference between cellulose and hemicellulose? 5. What is lignin? Why the presence of lignin would significantly increase the mechanical strength of plant secondary cell wall and be essential for the water
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