- transporters/channels(especially the example of identification of a nitrate transporter 7 What is xylem loading What are the two hypotheses that

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Review Questions for Lecture 6 1. How can a mineral ion move from soil to a root surface? 2. Compare and contrast channels and carriers. 3. What is a pump? Explain how can a pump transport ions against their electrochemical potential gradient. 4. Compare the plasma membrane ATPase and the vacuolar ATPase. 5. Compare and contrast symporters and antiporters. What kind of energy do these transporters use to transport molecules across a cell membrane? 6. Describe the three different approaches to identify nutrient/ion
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Unformatted text preview: transporters/channels (especially the example of identification of a nitrate transporter). 7. What is xylem loading? What are the two hypotheses that we discussed in the lecture to explain the xylem loading of mineral ions? 8. How was the pericycle-localized boron transporter discovered? How did the scientists know that the boron transporter is localized at the cell surface of pericycle? How can you generate transgenic plants tolerant to high boron toxicity?...
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