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Review questions for lectures 1 - 9 These questions are intended to help you review the material covered in lecture. Short answer questions on the midterm will be similar in format to those shown here, but the actual exam questions may be different. 1. Research can be divided into two categories based on the motivation for a study, what are these categories? 2. Briefly describe the essential elements of the scientific method. 3. Application of the scientific method requires that the investigator be objective in his or her evaluation of experimental results. On occasion, scientists may fail to be entirely objective, which can result in a misinterpretation and/or misrepresentation of the data. How does the scientific enterprise protect itself against the inevitable failings of individual scientists? 4. Scientists often speak of beauty and elegance in connection with research. Why is this important? 5. Describe one characteristic that fungi have in common with animals, one characteristic they have in common with plants and one that differentiates them from both plants and animals. 6. Are fungi most closely related to plants or animals and what was this determination based on? 7. What are the principal functions of fungal hyphae? 8. What is meant by the term trophic growth?
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3Midterm+one+review+questions - Review questions for...

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