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How to write an essay Intro o About one paragraph o Introduce your topic and give some background information ± Tip: open with a fitting quotation, challenge your readers with a thought-provoking question, or begin what a dramatic anecdote or scenario. Offer a little of what is to follow. Provide important background information. Re-evaluate after the paper is complete to be sure it accurately introduces the paper you wrote. o State your thesis : ± The thesis establishes the focus of the essay. ± Usually a thesis has two main elements: a manageable, limited subject (for the first essay, your thesis is your hypothesis) plus a specific feeling or idea about it (what is the reason for it). ± The thesis should include all the major points you will cover in the essay. The Body o Usually one or more paragraphs for each point you outlined in your thesis. o Make a plan based on your thesis ± Example for essay 1: You will need to refine your hypothesis and describe the experiment you would perform to test it. Be sure to include all the necessary parts of an experimental design, such as variables that might influence the results of the experiment, controls, and repetition. Specific details add substance and depth to your writing
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7Writing+assignment+guidelines - How to write an essay...

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