Termites_Wed_Aug_31_2011 - Activities for Week 1 (Aug 31);...

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1. Review “Test Training Paragraph” assignment (Syllabus – pg 3, Top). Question to answer: “How can the scientific method be used to understand termite behavior?” Use assigned terms in answering a. ½ page paragraph answering this question due Sept. 9 Friday b. Write a draft of your answer; visit with your TA before Thurs. Sept. 8 2. Read Syllabus -- TAs will review in your Discussion Session Sept. 9 3. For Friday (Sept. 9) -- Example of a typical Friday Discussion Session a. Read “pro” and “con” articles on “Probiotics” (access Friday’s articles using Blackboard) b. Take a quiz (3 multiple choice questions) Friday at the beginning of the hour about articles c. Locate the arguments, and evidence to support each arguments, for each paper (write them down) d. TAs will explain how to do the “evidence evaluation” procedure Activities for Week 1 (Aug 31); Due Week 2 (Sept. 9 Friday)
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Is there value in using the scientific method to our lives? A. Yes, because it provides jobs for people who want to be scientists. B. Yes, because using this method helps us to gather reliable evidence. C. No, because one can design experiments to prove anything. D.
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Termites_Wed_Aug_31_2011 - Activities for Week 1 (Aug 31);...

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