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Mummification The Ancient Egyptians believed that after a person died their souls would be examined by Anubis to see whether or not they would pass to the afterlife. To prepare them for this, they would mummify the bodies of the dead pharaohs. First the body was washed in the waters of the ________. They were then shaved and bought to be embalmed. The brain was the first organ to be removed from the body. A _______ was used to do this by going through the nose and breaking the brain down. The body was then turned over and the brain came out of the nose. Next, four main organs were removed. These were the liver, the ___________, the stomach and the ________________. The only organ that remained in the body was the ____________. This is because they believed that the soul would need this to get into paradise. The organs that had been removed were placed in four ____________ ____________. These had the heads of the four sons of the god __________; Duamutef had the head of a jackal and protected the __________, Imsety was in human form and protected the liver.
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mummification_worksheet - Mummification The Ancient...

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