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Egypt is a county on the North Eastern edge of the continent of Africa. It has a border at the ________ Sea and the ___________________ Sea. The border between Egypt and Asia is the Suez Canal. Egypt is mainly made up of hot deserts. A large river called the River _________ flows through the country into the Mediterranean Sea. This makes the land around the river very fertile so that crops grow well. Climate Ancient Egypt would have been a very dry place. There would have been very little
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Unformatted text preview: rain. It would have been hot during the day and cool at night because there was little or no cloud cover. Imagine you are an Ancient Egyptian Weather Forecaster; draw the weather symbols onto the map to show the weather for the day. You will need to add the following onto you map: -Temperature: ______________ Chances of Rain: ______________ Sunshine: ______________ Cloud Cover: ______________ Wind Speed: ______________ 3 4...
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