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cortes_and_the_aztecs - Drama Cortes and the Aztecs Teacher...

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Drama : Cortes and the Aztecs Teacher in role as: Cortes (identified by stick/gun); Moctezuma (identified by Shawl); Aztec priest, messenger, Velasquez. Children in role as: sailors, narrators, questioners, Aztecs, the mind of Cortes. Equipment: shawl, stick, pictures of Cortes and Moctezuma, pens, paper. Strategies: narration, corridor of thought, freeze frame, interrogation, brainstorming. Start by explaining about Columbus and the Spanish colonisation of the “New World”. Put up pictures of Moctezuma and Velasquez, and introduce the characters. Explain how the drama works, and that they should ask the characters questions. *************************************************** Children in circle. Teacher (in role) kneeling on floor. Children question teacher. Aztec Priest : I’m an Aztec Priest …. I’m so worried … so scared… ( why?) terrible signs in the skies … comets, lightning, shooting stars … he’s coming, I know he is… ( who?) …. It’s the year one reed … it is written that in this year, the God Quetzalcoatl will come to Tenochtitlan from over the sea to claim his empire … we even know what his disguise will be! (What will it be?) A yellow beard, pale skin, spears that spit thunder and lightning … he’s coming … I know he is … and it’ll mean the end of the Aztecs! Out of role. Discuss what we’ve found out so far. Then, back in role. Cortes : Ah, my spies! Welcome to the island of Hispaniola. I have a job for you. I want you to go to the island of Cuba and spy on Velasquez. You look puzzled. You do know who Velasquez is, don’t you? He’s the governor of Cuba, and he doesn’t trust me. He thinks I’m after his job. (He’s quite right!) I think he’s planning to get rid of me. Go and find out what he’s up to.
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Velasquez : This man Cortes … I don’t trust him … he’s too ambitious. I think he wants my job! How can I get rid of him? I know, I’ll send him on a voyage to the mainland. That’ll keep him out of the way for a year or two. Maybe he’ll even get killed! Cortes : Well my spies! What have you found out about Governor Velasquez for me? … Excellent! That’s just what I want. I’ll go to the mainland, but I’ll conquer it, and then I’ll be Governor than much more than Cuba! Now – I’ll take six hundred men and sixteen horses … the savages will be
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cortes_and_the_aztecs - Drama Cortes and the Aztecs Teacher...

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