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AZTEC PLAY: THE FALL OF MONTEZUMA – Scene One. By Ben Morris, Y6 teacher, Westways Primary School, Sheffield. Information for teachers: This play was written as a school play led by Y6. It was developed alongside a history topic on the Aztecs, using the BBC Conquistadors programme as a key information source). It was designed to get the maximum level of participation for the whole class, accommodating as many as possible while allowing for different levels of confidence and ability. Rhyming couplets are used quite a lot to make learning lines easier. It was interspersed with dances by other Key Stage Two classes on the Spanish/Aztec theme. The Narrators lines were shared by several narrators as they are too many to learn. All the other actors have limited parts, to involve between 20 and 30 children. For the music backing tracks were used for La Cucaracha and Tenochtitlan (from UB40s “Kingston Town” karaoke track from the internet), and piano chords were played to go with Many Rivers to Cross as children could not manage the key used by Jimmy Cliff. The Aztec Rap is played to a fast 1-2-3-1-2-3-1-2 ragga style beat which could be backed by a suitable instrumental or percussionists. The songs were learnt and sung by the whole of Key Stage Two. There are excellent Aztec dances to learn from on YouTube. If you require a video of the Westways performance to help with the songs etc contact me on The play lasted for around 45 minutes with the dances. It would be quite easy to lengthen it by adding more of the history. Introduction: (side stage) Narrator: Two Mexicans are arguing in a café; Orlando: The Aztecs were great. They built the best city in the world. Rocio: No they weren’t. They were violent and horrible. They killed people for nothing. Orlando: That’s just the lies the Spanish told us. The Spanish were the savages. They wiped out an entire civilization. Rocio: The Aztecs were no better. That’s why the Spanish defeated them. Everybody hated them. Narrator: Who is right? We’ll tell you the Aztec story. You can decide. Song 1: Aztec Rap Aztec Rap (to the tune of Go So by Devonte and Tanto Metro – a fast dancehall/ragga song to a 1-2-3-1-2-3-1-2 beat) Twas in the beautiful Valley of Mexico,
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The Lost Tribe of the Aztecs decided to go But the farmers and tribes who were                                                  already there, Kept saying they hadn’t any more room to                                                            spare, Until an island they found on Lake Texcoco, Inventing floating fields for their crops to grow So with plenty of food for an army to eat, They decided to plunder all the other cities. They were always fighting, sacrificing,
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aztec_class_play - AZTEC PLAY: THE FALL OF MONTEZUMA Scene...

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