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Unformatted text preview: The Aztecs The Aztecs lived in Mexico. When they first arrived in Mexico, they were poor, ragged people who survived by eating rats, snakes, and stolen food. They were hated and rejected by all of the people who lived in the town, as they were scruffy, rude and violent. The Aztecs fought a battle with the people who lived there, and won, and so took the land for themselves. What were the Aztecs like when they arrived in Mexico? What did the people who already lived there think about the Aztecs? How did the Aztecs manage to stay living in Mexico when the people hated them so much? Most of the people who lived in the empire were farmers who grew lots of crops, including maize, beans, peppers, avocados, squash, cocoa, bananas, sweet potatoes, and onions. Farmers were very poor and did not own their own land. They sometimes kept slaves - people who had been captured in battle or who not own their own land....
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