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AZTECS HISTORY BASED PROJECT. TERM 4 YEARS 5/6 WEEK 1 (3 Days) WHEN WERE THE AZTECS? Learning objective: to locate Mexico on maps of different scales. Use globe or atlases to locate Mexico, Britain and Spain. On world map, colour in and key these three countries. Look at map of Central America showing Aztecs and other Amerindian civilizations. Learning objective: to place Aztec history within a chronological framework; to make connections between different chronologies. Make a timeline from 1400 to the present day. Get children to suggest who might fit on it, and who wouldn't e.g. us, the Victorians, the Tudors, the Saxons, Ancient Greeks, Ancient Egyptians. On the other side of the timeline, fit in the Aztec civilization. Learning objective: to interpret pictorial source evidence. The Legend of the Snake and Eagle. Recount the Aztec legend of the Snake and the Eagle then look at worksheet Sign of the Gods . Consider what else the picture tells us about the Aztecs e.g. what they wore - what might this tell us about the climate?
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WEEK 2 HOW DO WE KNOW ABOUT THE AZTECS? Learning objectives: compare different civilizations; to consider reasons why the Aztecs built where they did. Tenochtitlan. Colour map of the Lake. Compare map with picture of city. Can children orientate the picture to the map? It is not entirely clear and should produce some good discussion. Consider why the Aztecs built in the middle of a lake. Advantages: defence. Disadvantages: difficulties of building in water, lack of space to farm. Do worksheet In Tenochtitlan . Discussion: which building do children think is most likely to be the temple? Why? What might other public buildings be? Compare picture of Tenochtitlan with picture of Tudor London. What
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aztecs_history_project - AZTECS HISTORY BASED PROJECT TERM...

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