Roman_Baths - Roman Baths Romans liked to bathe a lot, they...

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Unformatted text preview: Roman Baths Romans liked to bathe a lot, they considered themselves very clean people and they build splendid bath houses. They did not only go to the public baths to get clean but also to meet with friends and exercise. There were also places to eat, rest, play games and read at the baths. The public baths were not free and people had to pay to go there but it was quite cheap. Men and Women bathed in separate baths. There were baths in every town in the Roman Empire and rich villa owners would have their own baths in their homes. The Roman baths were very cleverly made as they always had to have a constant supply of water. The water was either piped in or brought to the town by an aqueduct. In some places like Bath in Somerset a natural spring would provide the bath with its water. Water was heated by the central heating system similar to the ones Romans used in their homes, this was called a hypocaust system. The hypocaust heating system that would have been used to heat the baths. There were three parts to a Roman bath the cold bath called the frigidarium, the warm bath called the tepidarium and the hot bath called the caldarium. To get clean the Romans would use the hot room and a slave would rub sweet oil on them and scrape it off with an instrument called strigil which looked like a knife but did not have a sharp blade. A strigil used to scrape the oil off the body. Scraping the oil off with a strigil was the way the Romans cleaned dirt and grime off themselves, they did not use soap or shower gels like we do today. The Romans would visit their public baths several times a week and it was one of the most popular buildings in all Roman towns and cities across their Empire. Questions: 1. List the reasons the Romans liked to visit their baths....
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Roman_Baths - Roman Baths Romans liked to bathe a lot, they...

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