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….this is the River where Romulus and Remus were left at when they were babies Pantheo n ….is the capital city of Italy. Augustus ….is the god of the sea and always carries a trident fork Invade … a place where the Ancient Romans used to pray to their gods in. A hypocaust …..was the first Roman Emperor Celt ……is to enter a country without permission, to try take over power in it. Neptune …..was when the Romans first invaded Brittania Gladiator ….is the Roman Numeral for 10 The Underworld
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… something used to scrape all the dirt and sweat off the Romans when they went to bath V … a Roman Soldier who is in charge of over 80 soldiers Boudicca …..was Boudicca’s husband. He was the King of the Celtic “Iceni” Tribe Rome …..were the first settlers in Brittania in 1000 BC.
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Unformatted text preview: A Scabbard .Romans who werent slaves X .is the Roman Numeral for 5 55 B.C. ...was a red-haired lady who had a Revolt against the Romans. She drank poison to kill herself Tiber the strong leather holder that a Roman Soldier would use to keep his sword in. A Centurion ..was a strong slave who would fight in the Coliseum to entertain people Citizens ..was a golden bracelet worn around the Celts arms and necks Prasutigus is the place the Romans believed they went to when they died Coliseu m .is a Roman underfloor heating system used to keep warm Strigil is what the Romans had underneath their sandals to keep grip on the ground A torc an amphitheatre in Rome where the Citizens would watch fights. Studs...
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roman_loops_cards - A Scabbard .Romans who werent slaves X...

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