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romans_versus_celts - studded with nails Socks for cold...

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Name:     Romans versus Celts Draw a Roman soldier and a Celtic Warrior using the descriptions provided. Roman Soldier Celtic Warrior Appearance Dark eyes Suntanned skin Always shaved Hair Dark Cut short Weapons and armour Heavy armour (leather and  metal) Helmet Breast plate Stomach protector Strong leather belt Scabbards (long leather  pockets to carry swords) Long sword (for slashing) Short sword (for stabbing) Rectangular shield (covered  with leather) Javelin (long wooden spear) Sharp metal tip on javelin  Clothes Tunic with short  sleeves (thick  wool) dyed red so  blood would not  show Cloak-sometimes  with hood) Footwear Lace-up leather sandals Leather soles with 
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Unformatted text preview: studded with nails Socks for cold countries like Britain Appearance Very tall Strong muscles Light coloured eyes White skin (red when angry) Long moustache Body paint Hair Brushed back (to look like a horses mane) Smeared with sticky lime and water (to make it stand up on end) Red or fair hair (or dark hair bleached with lime). Jewellery Torc (necklace bronze or silver) Brooch (holding cloak together at the top) Weapons and armour Round shield made from wood or metal Sword with iron blade Spear (wooden handle, iron tip) Footwear Leather boots...
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