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St. John’s Planning 2010/11 Subject: History- Romans Year Group: 4 Date: Autumn 1 Please use bullet points only LO Success Communicatio n Application of number and IT Working with others Improving learning and performance Problem solving Activity Differentiation – indicate adult support HA MA LA SEN ICT and Thinking Questions ? Knowledge ? Comprehensio n ? Application ? Analysis ? Synthesis ? Evaluation Resources 1 To understand what the terms invade and settle mean To understand that the Romans invaded Britain I understand that the Romans invaded Britain in 43. A.D I know that invade means to intrude and settle means to stay somewhere. Intro- Ask children what they know about the Romans and Celts, produce a mind map on the board of all their information. ~ Ask the children to find the dictionary definitions of the words ‘invade’ and ‘settle’. Ask  them to write their definitions in a two-column grid. Lead a discussion to develop the  children’s understanding of these terms. ~ mini activity Give  the childr en c ard s  with word s  and phra s e s  that c ould b e  c onn e ct ed   to eith er inva sion or s ettle m e nt . Ask the c hildren to plac e  the c ard s  in the c orr e ct c olu mn s  on   their grids. Fe e d b a ck. ~ Establish that group s  of p e o ple  hav e  b e e n  visiting, invading and s ettling in Britain for a   very long tim e. Do they know any group s  that hav e  visited Britain, wh en wa s  the long e st   a g o ?   ~ S h ow childr en the p ow er p oint a b out Ro m an s  invading Britain and re c ap on key date s.   Discu s s  with c hildren s o m e  of the rea s on s  why they might hav e  wanted to c o m e  to Britain?   Children to put the correct dates on the time line. Activity ~ Give  the c hildren picture s  s h owing a  variety of Ro m an and   C eltic ima g e s, e . g.  in ar m our, in b attle, town life, c ountry life, h o m e  life.  Ask the c hildren   to s ort the m  first into Ro m an and C eltic grouping s, and then into inva sion and s ettle m e nt   grouping s LA- Work with (T) and have a few words to place in the correct columns MA- have more complex words to sort HA – Have more words to sort out and can they think of their own using a thesaurus? Children to then start to write some key facts about the Romans and celts ICT- power point, Why do you think the Romans wanted to invade Britain?
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romans_planning_y4 - St. Johns Planning 2010/11 Please use...

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