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Celtic Life Sort the following statements into true or false about the everyday lives of the Celts. The Celtic people lived in long  wide houses The houses had no  windows. The houses were made from brick and had  metal front doors. The Celtic times were also known as  the Iron Age. The houses were made from straw,  wood and mud. The children had to help with all of  the family chores. The women weaved all of the cloth  and made the clothes for the family. The Celts were warriors but also  very good farmers. They grew all of their own food and  kept animals such as sheep and  chickens. The Celtic people lived in small  settlements of round houses grouped  together. They cooked their food on open fires. The Celts would light a fire in the  middle of the roundhouse for cooking  and heating. The houses were round in shape and  were one large room- called a  Roundhouse. The Celts used bronze and gold as well as iron. The 
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Unformatted text preview: heads of the tribe would wear fancy jewellery to show how important they were . The Iron Age Celts lived in Britain before and after Jesus. We're going back a very, very long time - two thousand years ago. Men would wear a tunic with a belt, a cloak and trousers. Women wore dresses fastened with brooches. The Celts used berries and plants to dye the wool different colours. The houses had central heating. The Celts lived in large cities. They travelled around by car. The Celtic people believed in one God. The men painted their bodies with colourful patterns. The Celts made lots of items from a metal called iron. The Celts sailed around the World and invaded other countries in boats called longships. Celtic children had to go to school everyday. The Celts were a successful society. What do you think?...
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