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romans_army - first Next they would fight with their swords...

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The Roman Army The Roman Army had 4 different parts to it. Each part was called a ‘legion’ , and each legion had 5,000 soldiers in it. Soldiers in the Roman Army wore metal armour and a helmet for protection. The helmets sometimes looked like this: Soldiers used swords, spears, bows and arrows. When the Army won a battle, they took treasure from the enemy for themselves. A soldier spent 20 years in the army.
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Soldiers in Battle To join the army, Romans had to be very fit and healthy. Soldiers were not allowed to get married. In battle, soldiers would throw their spears
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Unformatted text preview: first. Next, they would fight with their swords whilst using their shields. In the army, ALL orders had to be obeyed. If a soldier ran away from a battle, there was a change he could be shot and killed. Soldiers would sometimes have to march 20 MILES a day! WANTED! Soldiers for the roman Army To get this job, you have to -Be very fit and healthy. March 20 miles in 5 hours. Be able to throw a javelin. Be able to fight with a sword and use a shield. Swim across rivers while still wearing heavy armour. Be able to stay calm during a battle....
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