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The Roman Army 1. There are 80 men in a century. How many men in 5 centuries? 2. Auxillaries (non-Roman soldiers) had to serve for 25 years before becoming a  Roman citizen. How many years would 7 auxillaries have served altogether if  they became Roman citizens? 3. 8 men formed a conturbernium or section and shared a room at barracks. If there  were 20 rooms how many men were there altogether? 4. A soldier was expected to march 20 miles a day. How many miles would a soldier 
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Unformatted text preview: march in 2 weeks? 5. If a soldier marched 20 miles in 5 hours how many hours would he be marching altogether if he marched 100 miles? 6. A cohort is made up of 6 centuries. How many men altogether in a cohort? 7. There are 10 cohorts in a Legion. How many men altogether? 8. There were 25 legions in the Roman Empire. How many men altogether? 9. If half the Roman army was made up of auxillaries how many auxillaries in total were there?...
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