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Roman_Gods_CH - them into a rock Jupiter Jupiter was the...

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Roman Gods Read the descriptions and draw what you think the gods would have looked like. Mars Mars was the God of War. His  favourite animals were the vulture,  the dog and the wolf. His emblem  was a spear and a burning torch.  He loved violence and bloodshed. Venus Venus was the Goddess of Love.  She was also the protector of  gardens and flowers. She punished  people who misbehaved by turning 
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Unformatted text preview: them into a rock. Jupiter Jupiter was the King of the Gods. He was mighty and strong. Jupiter used lightening to punish his enemies. His messenger was an eagle and he wore a breastplate depicting a storm cloud Now find as many other Roman Gods as you can. Write their names on the back. Don't forget to say what they were the god of....
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