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History Homework – interactive game: Thorkel and the Trading Ship Log onto the following website: Click on Activities and then “Thorkel and the Trading Ship” Complete the questions on this sheet as you work your way through the game 1. Whose family does Thorkel have to collect gifts for? 2. What will the captain allow Thorkel to do if he collects the gifts? 3. Who does Thorkel meet at the leather workers shop? 4.
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Unformatted text preview: What does Thorkel take back for Captain Olafs father? 5. Name four other leather items in the shop. 6. Which piece of jewellery will bring Captain Olafs wife good luck? 7. Name four other pieces of jewellery in the shop. 8. Name four things that the bone carver makes. 9. What type of weapon will Thorkel take for Captain Olafs son? 10. What other types of weapons does Harald make? 11. Who is Gyda? 12. Make a list of five things that the wood carver makes....
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