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Carr Mill Primary School The Terrible Tudors               History Y5       Block 2 Learning objectives Delivery and activities, including differentiation Lessons  done  in a  block  of 5 weeks  of Topic  work,  art done  for remaining  2 weeks.  4 topic  sessions  per  week. Comments e.g. ( impact on learning) To  locate  the  Tudors  within the  context   of the  history  of Britain. To  understand  which  battle  began  the   reign  of the  Tudors To  list Tudor  monarchs Session 1 –Why the Tudors came to Power:   Discuss  the  Battle  of Bosworth  and  how  the  reign  of the  Tudors  began  - Henry  Tudor.  Show  PowerPoint  from   www.primaryres ourc e s. c o.uk/history/thetudors   Ask  the  children  to locate  the  dates  associated  with the  battle  and  discuss  why  the  battle  took  place  - War  of the  Rose s.  Use  selection  of resource s  to locate  the  information.    Complet   what, where,  why  when  she ets. Session 2- Henry VII:  Recap  over  who  the  Tudors  where  and  when  they  came  into power.   Look  at Henry  the  V11‘s  life.   Why  did  he  marry  a  Yorkshire  lady?  Complete  Tudor  Rose   activity and  word  search e s  about  the  battle. Session 3- Tudor Monarchs:  Look  at the  reign  of the  Tudors  and  ask  the  ch  for ideas  of the  main  Tudor  monarchs.   Show  Tudor  monarch  PowerPoint  from   www.woodlands- junior.co.uk  .  Children  to order  Tudor  monarchs  on  a  timeline.  LCP  activity, / Timeline  activity. LA support  - differentiated  e.g.  cloze  text/Tudor  Rose  LCP  file Extension  - more  detailed  information  research e d  for report   To  ask  questions,  using  a  portrait as  a   source,  about  the  appearanc e  and   character  of Henry  VIII To  understand  what information  can  be   gathered  about  Henry  VIII from   portraits  and  written  source s. To  understand  about  the  importance  of   the  role  of a Tudor  king. Lesson 4- Henry VIII:  Give  the  children  written  descriptions  of Henry  and  ask  them  to underline  the  key  descriptive  words.  Ask  them  to compare  these   words  with what they  have  already  heard  about  Henry  VII. .. Use  describing  words  e.g.  fierce,  dignified.  Cross  Link - Art (portraits/Literacy  (points  of  view)  Consider  the  normal  activities  of a Tudor  king  e.g.  hunting,  attending  church,  and  signing  papers  etc.  Write  about  Henry  VIII character  and  his   responsibilities  as  a  king.    ( Cross  link PSHE  – self/Henry- qualities)  LCP  file 226- 227  differentiated.  
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Terrible_Tudors_Planning - TheTerribleTudors Learning...

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