Tudor_Entertainment - In ___________ times people had...

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Tudor Entertainment 1. What did people do for entertainment in Tudor times? Name some examples. ________________________________________________ _____ ________________________________________________ _____ ________________________________________________ _____ ________________________________________________ _____ 2. Think about the things you do to entertain yourselves. Are any of these similar  to types of Tudor entertainment? ________________________________________________ _____ ________________________________________________ _____ ________________________________________________ _____
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________________________________________________ _____ 3. Draw some pictures of Tudor entertainment you saw on the video. Tudor Entertainment Use the words in this box to fill in the blanks.
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Unformatted text preview: In ___________ times people had different ways of having fun to us. We might go to the ____________ or _______ television but Tudors could not do this. Theatre cinema The Globe William Shakespeare Watch dance danced books dance plays Tudor peas Tudor people ____________ but it was very different to the way we ________ ! Their dances were about things like _____ popping from pods. We know this because Tudor people wrote about it in _______ . Another popular thing to do was to watch ________ . A man called ___________ ____________ wrote plays which were performed in a ________ _ called _______________. Draw some pictures of Tudor entertainment below:...
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Tudor_Entertainment - In ___________ times people had...

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