Tudor_diseases - Seriousness Deadly Other facts Very common air-born disease Famous sufferers Edward VI and possibly Henry VII Puerperal Fever

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Sweating sickness Symptoms: Pain, fever, ceaseless sweating.  Seriousness: Almost always deadly.  Other facts: Hit young strong people Famous sufferers: Anne Boleyn The Plague Symptoms: Rash, fever, sneezing. Seriousness: Deadly Other facts: Spread by fleas on rats Famous sufferers:  Small Pox Symptoms: Bumps, rashes and itching. Seriousness: Possible to survive but with scars Other facts: Epidemic  Famous Sufferers: Elizabeth I Tuberculosis Symptoms: Hacking cough, bringing up blood
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Unformatted text preview: Seriousness: Deadly Other facts: Very common, air-born disease Famous sufferers: Edward VI and possibly Henry VII Puerperal Fever Symptoms: Fever and delirium. (Childbed fever) Seriousness: Deadly Other facts: Infection after childbirth Famous sufferers: Jane Seymour & Katherine Parr Gout Symptoms: Severe pain in foot or leg Seriousness: Causes discomfort and lack of movement Other facts: Caused by poor diet & alcohol Famous sufferers: Henry VII...
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