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The Spanish Armada: You Decide Timing: 1 hour for main part of lesson. For a really in-depth study of the progress of the Armada and the reasons for it failing. The class is split into groups (of 4 or 5). Each is given a ranking template (laminated) and list of options. They must move them around (stuck on with blu-tak) in order of preference at each decision time, and can only have three at any one time- one must be dropped at the start and each time a new option is presented (which can be the one they have just been given). Allow time for discussion, and ask groups to explain their top (and bottom) choice each time. A read through the ‘script’ below should clarify what all this means! Also requires large map of English channel (on IWB), and cut-outs or symbols on IWB representing Armada, English forces & Parma’s army. Move them accordingly as the action progresses. Also a good idea to brush up on background Armada knowledge to field the inevitable barrage of questions. It doesn’t matter too much if the children’s chosen strategies differ from the actual events- often their choices are more sensible than the real ones! You are all now English military commanders. You need to make the right decisions to protect the country from the Spanish Armada. Background Ever since Henry VIII’s break with the Church of Rome, England had been under threat of invasion from the Catholic countries of Europe. Spain was the most powerful country in Europe at that time and Philip II needed little persuasion to lead an invasion force against England, particularly as Elizabeth’s navy had inflicted acts of piracy on his fleet (attacked and stolen from them whilst in port). Philip also had a grudge against Elizabeth- he had been married to her sister, Queen Mary, and when she died he had asked Elizabeth to marry him- but she refused. In 1587 a council of war decided to launch a combined offensive against England. An armada of ships would be sent to the Netherlands (now north- eastern France), where they would collect a huge army and launch an offensive on the Kent coast, and afterwards march on London. What will they do then? Occupy? Kill the Queen? Try to negotiate? We don’t know… 12 th July 1588 [map on IWB. Stick on English at Plymouth] You are based with most of the English navy in Plymouth, Devon. You get news that the Armada is about to set off from La Coruna in Northern Spain. It consists of 138 ships, with 24 galleons, 40 converted merchant ships, 25 supply ships and several other vessels.
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You have 21 ships in the front line and 40 in the second. More will be
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SpanishArmada-YouDecide - The Spanish Armada You Decide...

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