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Unformatted text preview: What were the differences What were the differences between the lives of the rich and poor in Tudor Times? Learning objective: Learning objective: To learn about life in Tudor times What are the names of the Tudor Kings and Queens? Henry VII Henry VIII Edward VI Mary I Elizabeth I What centuries did the What centuries did the Tudors reign? Henry VII Henry VIII Edward VI Lady Jane Grey Mary I Elizabeth I 1485 ­1509 1509 ­ 1547 1547 ­ 1553 July 1553 ( just 9 days! ) 1553 – 1558 1558 ­ 1603 Three sheep to every person! Three sheep to every person! Tudor England looked very different from the England we know of today. At the beginning of the Tudor period, the population of England was only 2.5 million, compared to nearly 50 million today. There were 3 sheep to every person. Most people lived in villages in the countryside. They rented land from the farmer and grew there own food and grazed cattle on the common land. In the countryside there were no shops. Most people never travelled further than the nearest town. There were some large towns and cities, like Norwich and Bristol. Where do you think the Tudor monarch ruled from in Tudor times? •50 000 people lived in London. •London was the most important city. Plenary: Plenary: Where do you think most people lived in Tudor times? What jobs do you think most people did in Tudor times? How was life in Tudor times different from life today? Homework: Try to find some information about Tudor houses. ...
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