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The Tudor Monarchs Henry Vll (r. 1485-1509) Henry Tudor became King Henry VII of England and Wales after defeating Richard III at the Battle of Bosworth in August 1485. This battle saw the end of the Wars of the Roses which had brought instability to England. Henry Vlll (r. 1509-1547) Henry Vlll is probably the most well known of the Tudor kings. He was a very selfish person and by the end of his life everyone was afraid of him, mainly because of his ruthless behaviour toward anyone who didn't agree with him. King Edward Vl (r. 1547-1553) Edward VI became king at the age of nine upon the death of his father, Henry Vlll. He was known as 'The Boy King'. His mother was Jane Seymour, Henry Vlll's third wife. Edward was a sickly child and the country was run by his protectors: firstly, the Duke of Somerset, his mother's brother, then by the Duke of Northumberland. Edward died at the age of 16 in 1553. Lady Jane Grey (r. nine days in 1553) Jane’s father was Henry Grey and her mother was Lady Frances Brandon, who was the daughter of Henry VIII’s sister Mary and the great grand-daughter of Henry VII.She was a Protestant unlike Edward's half sister Mary (Henry VIII's eldest daughter) who was Catholic. The ministers wanted to keep England a Protestant country. Lady Jane Grey ruled for only 9 days before Mary I had her arrested and executed. Queen Mary l (r. 1553-1558) Mary I was the first Queen Regnant (that is, a queen reigning in her own right rather than a queen through marriage to a king). She was the daughter of Henry VIII and Catherine of Aragon and was a committed Catholic. When she came to the throne she vowed to return England to Rome and Catholicism. Why is Mary l called Bloody Mary?
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The_Tudor_Monarchs - The Tudor Monarchs Henry Vll (r....

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