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The Tudors Who were  they? What did they  do? When were they around? Why were they  important? Anne Boleyn William Shakespeare Henry VIII Elizabeth I
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Tudor timeline 1485 1485 Battle of Bosworth Battle of Bosworth Henry VII becomes Henry VII becomes King of England King of England 1492-98 1492-98 The ‘Age of The ‘Age of Discovery’ begins: Discovery’ begins: John Cabot leads John Cabot leads the way the way 1509 1509 Henry VII dies, Henry Henry VII dies, Henry VIII becomes the new VIII becomes the new King King 1547 1547 Edward VI Edward VI becomes king at becomes king at the age of 9, but the age of 9, but dies suddenly at 16 dies suddenly at 16 1553 1553 Lady Jane Grey Lady Jane Grey was Queen for only was Queen for only 9 days – the 9 days – the shortest reign ever shortest reign ever              1485 1560 1525 1553 1553 Mary I becomes Mary I becomes Queen and is Queen and is quickly known as quickly known as ‘Bloody Mary’ ‘Bloody Mary’ 1558 1558 Elizabeth I Elizabeth I becomes Queen. becomes Queen. Under her reign Under her reign England becomes England becomes very powerful very powerful 1588 1588 The Spanish The Spanish Armada are Armada are defeated by Drake defeated by Drake 1603 1603 Elizabeth I, the last Elizabeth I, the last of the Tudors, dies. of the Tudors, dies.
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The_Tudors_PT - Whywerethey important Whowere they...

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