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Henry VIII and his Six Wives. (Scene: TV Studio. Children are sitting at the side in 2 semi circles acting as the TV audience) Narrator 1: Welcome to _______ play about Henry V111 and his Six Wives. (The six wives go and stand in a row: Catherine of Aragon, Anne Boleyn, Jane Seymour, Anne of Cleves, Catherine Howard and Catherine Parr. Henry V111 stands beside them and 2 game show hosts stand back a little. A sign at the back says “Choose Your Spouse!”: ) Host 1: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to another exciting episode of “Choose Your Spouse.” (Audience applauds.) Host 2: The quiz where, each week, a member of a Royal family gets to choose his or her spouse unless you’re female, of course, then your dad gets to choose for you. Host 1: Last week, we left King Henry VIII of England having to choose between 6 wonderful contestants. Host 2: And they were: Catherine of Aragon. (As each wives name is called, they wave . Each time the TV audience applauds.) Host 1: Anne Boleyn. Host 2: Jane Seymour. Host 2: Anne of Cleves. Host 1: Catherine Howard Host 2: Catherine Parr. Host 1: So 2 Anne’s, 3 Catherine’s and a Jane. Host 2: Now the time has come, your majesty, to make your mind up!!! Host 1: Which one of these charming ladies will you take home as your bride to be tonight! Henry VIII: I think I’ll take… (thinks for a minute) All of them! Host 2: Fantastic! So you’ve chosen…(Stops, surprised) All of them!!!! 1
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Henry VIII: That’s right. I’ll take the lot and if you don’t agree. (Executioner comes on with axe) You know what’s going to happen!! (Everyone sits down.) Narrator 2: And it’s true that Henry did marry 6 wives. Narrator 3: But not all at once. Narrator 4: Henry wasn’t expected to be King when he was younger. Narrator 5: His father was Henry Tudor. (Henry Tudor stands up.) Narrator 6: And he became King Henry VII. (Arthur stands up) Narrator 1: And he had an elder son called Arthur who was expected to become King Arthur the First. Henry Tudor: Hello Arthur. Arthur: Hi Dad. Narrator 2: And Arthur married Catherine of Aragon. (Catherine stands beside Arthur. The spot Catherine stands on is the “Queens spot”. All the queens stand there when they are named.) Narrator 3: But before he could become King, Arthur became sick Arthur: (Coughs into a tissue) Dear me, I don’t feel very well. Narrator 4: And, unfortunately, died.
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henryviiiandhissixwives_assembly - 1 Henry VIII and his Six...

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