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henry_wives_quiz - 11 In what year did Henry order...

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1) Who did Catherine of Aragon marry first? _________ 2) How old was Henry when he and Catherine got engaged? ___________ 3) In what year did Henry marry Anne Boleyn?_______ 4) What was the name of Anne Boleyn’s daughter? _________ 5) How did Anne Boleyn die? ______________________ 6) What was the name of Henry’s third wife? _________ 7) What was the name of her son, born in 1537? _______ 8) How long did the marriage to Anne of Cleves last? __________ 9) What relation was Katherine Howard to Anne Boleyn?  ___________________ 10) How old was Henry when he married Katherine Howard? 
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Unformatted text preview: ______________ 11) In what year did Henry order Katherine Parr’s head to be cut off? ______________ 12) Who was Katherine Parr really in love with? _____________ 13) In what year did King Henry VIII die? ________ 14) In what year did Kathryn Parr die? _________ 15) How did Kathryn Parr die? __________________________________________ List Henry VIII six wives in order: Wife Number: Wife Name: What happened? 1 st wife 2 nd wife 3 rd wife 4 th wife 5 th wife 6 th wife Visit website: www.brims.co.uk/tudors/wives to find the answers!...
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