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Unformatted text preview: Our Lady Of Lourdes Roman Catholic Primary School Medium Term Plan Teacher : Miss Catherine Lee Class: 4 Term: Autumn One Subject : History Unit : 11: Life for children in Victorian Britain L. O. Tasks Plenary L. A. M. A. H. A. 1 To understand when the Victorian period occurred and who Queen Victoria was. Explain to children that they are starting a new topic called The Victorians. Brainstorm any ideas on the board about what children already know about this subject. Why do they think it is called the Victorians? Who was Victoria? Etc. Use talking partners to find answers. Give children a copy of Picture one A young Victoria and also display it from CD on the IWB. Explain to the children that this is Queen Victoria. Tell them that she came to the throne in 1837 and was only 18 years old. Ask the children how do you think Victoria was feeling on this portrait? Elicit that she was probably scared about the prospect of running such a big country at such a young age. Now give children a copy of Picture two Victoria and Alberts Wedding and also display it from CD on the IWB. Tell children that they got married in 1840. How old was Victoria when she got married? Explain how the couple went on to have 9 children but sadly Albert died very young in 1861 from Typhoid. Explain that because she was so sad about his death from this point onwards Victoria was always seen wearing black because she was mourning her husband. Ask children to place the pictures side by side on their desks. Can they decide what kind of pictures they are and how they have been made? Elicit that they are engravings. Do you think the Queen is rich or poor? Why? How can we tell that the wedding was an important wedding? Eg the clothes of the bride and groom and the others, the fact that someone engraved a picture of it etc. Give children a copy of the Victorian Timeline and ask them to stick in their books. Together locate and label the date of Victoria and Alberts wedding. In turns children take the hot seat role of the young queen and let the children ask about how she felt becoming and queen and how she felt at her wedding....
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life_for_children_in_Victorian_Britain_mtp - Our Lady Of...

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