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St.Anne ’s Catholic Primary School Medium T erm Planning Class: 6 Year 5 Term: Summer 2008 Subject: History – Britain since 1948
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Learning objectives Learning Opportunities Week 1 The war years To identify main events of WW2 To begin to understand what life was like during WW2 Whole class teaching – Introduce topic to the chi and explain that we will be looking at th period following WW2. Establish what ch already know about the war period and get them to think about what life might have been like. Discuss ‘chain of events’ e.g 1 event preceding another and how this had a large effect on the war i.e. Germany invade Poland – Britain declares war. Group work – Ch to take a number of pictures , some with precise dates and some not, and order them to get main events of WW2. Where no specific dates are given, ch to think about the ‘chain of events’ that may have happened. Week 2 Festival of Britain To think about post-war Britain and how it was left to identify a range of appropriate sources of information Whole class teaching - Explain to ch that even though the war was over, it still
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Britain_since_1948_Planning - St.Annes Catholic Primary...

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