wwII_timeline - Germany October – Nov Allied victory at...

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World War ll Time Line 1939 September 1 st Hitler invades Poland September 3 rd Britain and France declare war on Germany 1940 April 9 th Hitler invades Denmark and the Norway May 10 th Hitler invades Belgium and the Netherlands May 27 th Evacuation of British and French troops from June 4 th Dunkirk June 14 th German troops enter Paris June 22nd France signs peace treaty with Germany July – October Battle of Britain September – Oct London and Coventry are blitzed 1941 May – June Hitler invades Greece, Crete and Yoguslavia May 27 th The Royal Navy sink the pride of the German fleet, the Bismark June 22 nd Operation Barbarossa – Hitler’s invasion of Russia Decmber 7 th Japanese attack on the American naval base at Pearl Harbour 1942 February 15 th The British surrender Singapore to the Japanese May 8 th American victory at Battle of Coral Sea against the Japanese June 4 th American victory at Midway against the Japanese August The Battle of Stalingrad begins between Russia and
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Unformatted text preview: Germany October – Nov Allied victory at Battle of El Alamein in Africa 1943 January 21 st German surrender at Stalingrad May 13 th German and Italian surrender in Africa July – August Allied invasion of Sicily and Italy 1 1944 June 6 th D-Day – Allied troops make landings in Normandy, France August 25 th Allied troops liberate Paris December 16 th Battle of the Bulge major German offensive in the Ardennes 1945 January 17 th Russian troops enter Warsaw in Poland March – April American assaults on Pacific Islands Iwo Jima and Okinawa April 30 th Hitler commits suicide May 2 nd German surrender in Italy May 7 th Germany surrenders to the American Supreme Commander, General Eisenhower. V.E Day August 6 th Atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima August 9 th Atomic bomb dropped on Nagasaki August 14 th Japan surrenders. War ends – V.J. Day (victory over Japan) 2...
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wwII_timeline - Germany October – Nov Allied victory at...

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